Friday, December 18, 2009

One Boss Leaves: Xevozz buffets Chrono-Lord Epoch

Two Bosses Enter ... but only One Boss Leaves, in's series of fantasy death matches. This season's combatants come from the original five-man instances of Wrath of the Lich King.

Could the Chrono-Lord not kite? Xevozz moved through the Two Bosses Thunderdome with ease this week, overcoming Chrono-Lord Epoch with 62% of the spectators' roaring approval. Just how one-sided was this match? "This fight is so one-sided, it should instead be a vote to see if Xevozz makes it past Epoch fast enough to get a drake as well," smirks Stone_Rhino.

Of course, not everyone agreed. "Come on, guys!" protests mtwcmarsh. "You're talking about a gangster thug who got himself locked away in the Violet Hold fighting a freakin' Chrono-Lord! You seriously think his little ethereal balls mean squat to someone who can stop time?" Adds Clydtsdk-Rivendare: "Time travel > all (except, of course, LOLDRAIN). Also, nobody said bosses can't kite -- that's a game play mechanic (threat), not lore. MG kited Arthas the whole flippin' way to Northrend, so to speak. (Okay, that one's a joke, but srsly ...) Xevozz hardly stands a chance, with that in mind."

More fodder from the stands:

Undra: Smooth-talking Xevozz sells Epoch on the idea that the Chrono-Lord should die. For a nominal fee, the Ethereal includes a life insurance policy payable to ... oh, don't worry about that. I'll fill it in later for you. Sign here.

mtwcmarsh: For the benefit of everyone who is so fixated on Xevozz' amazing glowing balls ... Let's go over the ground rules: "... Don't get caught up in gameplay mechanics and what actual players might do in each encounter. ... Don't neglect style, story and scale." Xevozz may be a very talented white collar criminal, but that's all he is. In fact, he's a criminal who not only got caught but lost his day in court and got thrown in the slammer! This fight is Bernie Madoff meets the Terminator.


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