Sunday, December 13, 2009

From Level 1 to 80 without dying

I came to death wow never a news article on about the warrior Cautious (fitting name) who actually leveled from level 1 to 80 without dying once. It’s quite impressive, and I have to say it requires a lot of planning, and some luck I would guess. It kind of makes the Undying-achievements for Naxxramas sound like a cakewalk.

When you check his profile in the WoW Armory, you see that he didn’t enter many instances, which I guess is key if you ever plan on trying the same. Also never try to do some quests you are unsure about, and never ever go AFK anywhere. I would also guess that leveling on a PvE-server is required to even think about getting to 80 without dying.

We don’t know if this player is the only one who has leveled to the level-cap without dying, and without a confirmation from Blizzard it is impossible to know. However, if you check his statistics right now, you will see that he actually has died once. She posted in the forum that it was caused by using Nitro Boots inside Dalaran, and dieing when they backfired and blew her into the air. That must have been one of the most annoying deaths in WoW history!


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