Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Breakfast Topic: Celebrated Mechanics

While thinking about the lack of tanking fist weapons, I got into a discussion with my wife about her favorite ability (or perhaps my favorite ability of hers), Misdirection. The discussion came out of the fact that I basically threw her into the deep water by having her misdirect the adds on a TotC 25 Anub kill last night (which she did spectacularly, of course) and from there we started talking about one of the seventy billion Halls of Lightning runs we did yesterday. (Seriously, Halls of Lightning? You can stop now. No, really, I'm fairly certain I've killed Loken enough times.) The rogue in this group was simply phenomenal. Solid DPS, didn't stun mobs when I tried to pull them back, didn't constantly say 'go go go', and used Tricks of the Trade whenever he was going to open up on a big trash pull. Seriously, if you could adopt gnome rogues from another realm and just keep them in your backpack to pop into the open DPS slot in your pugs I'd have done so. I salute you, sir or madam.

I have no idea how Misdirection is supposed to work, love it though I do. Does the hunter shoot someone, then yell loudly "Holy crap, Mr. Tank, I can't believe you shot that guy!" while pointing at me? Perhaps the rogue using Tricks whispers into the mob's ear that I told him to stab right in the buttcheeks? How does Vigilance work? Oh, sweet Vigilance, how do you work? I suppose as long as you keep working I shouldn't question you too much, Vigilance, and yet I must know. I often imagine myself lumbering over to a gnome warlock and saying in an insanely deep voice "Little friend, do not anger Jaraxxus so with your shadowbolting and your demon summoning, I will be watching you" before waggling a finger at her. She of course proceeds to light him up, sweetcheeks. "That is correct, large eredar moron, I told her to do that!"

So now we come to you. Is it Shield of the Righteous? Flight Form? The ability to equip polearms? Intervene? Blink? Thunderstorm? (I can't resist singing AC/DC's "You've been THUNDERSTRUCK" when I cast that spell.) Conflagrate, Death and Decay, maybe it's Prayer of Mending? (Who doesn't love PoM really? Bing!) What facet or ability of your class or classes just makes your day?


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